Application Instructions

Instructions from Fractal on submitting KYC

1) Proof of Identity document

Please prepare one of the following documents:

  • Valid national ID card (please upload front and back sides), permanent residency card are not accepted

  • Valid passport

  • Valid US, Canadian or Australian Drivers license (applicable only for residents or citizens of these countries)

2) Proof of residence document

Please prepare one of the following documents issued in the past 6 months:

  • Official documents issued from a government agency (e.g. tax reports, letters from government bureaus);

  • -Official correspondence from a financial institution or insurance company (e.g. bank account/credit card statements, insurance statements);

  • A utility bill from a local utility or telecommunications company (e.g. gas, water, electricity, internet, phone, or cable TV bill);

  • A signed confirmation of delivery receipt bearing your name and address issued in the past 2 months

Please double check that entered address matches the address on your document, and the document contains your full name, full address and date of issue

Screenshots and screen photos are not acceptable

3) Liveness check

Please make sure you have an access to the camera on your device and have good lighting conditions

Other people are not allowed to pass the liveness check for you, these applications will be rejected After completing the verification process, please check your email and Fractal ID account for the updates from Fractal Team regarding your application

4) Support:

If you have any questions regarding your verification process, please reach out to our support team in the following channels:

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