Listing Procedures

Balance of Power

New listings are added only after successfully passing proposals in $WTR Community Governance AND the Deepwaters listing committee. Votes are determined final if a supermajority is reached (9 of 14). A total of 7 votes are controlled by WTR Community Governance and 7 votes are controlled by the Deepwaters listing committee. By balancing power between both groups, Deepwaters aims to consider the best interest of the community and organization.

WTR Community Governance

$WTR token holders have the power to participate in voting on new listings. Votes are counted as 1 vote per token held plus additional voting power based on duration of holding. Each year provides an additional 1:1, capped at 4 years (5:1).

Deepwaters Listing Committee

The committee is comprised of a combination of Deepwaters team members and/or advisors. The purpose of the Deepwaters committee is to represent the best interests of the Deepwaters organization and long-term success. Votes and proposals are always publicly viewable and can be seen on:

Sample Vote

The example below describes a hypothetical vote on a new token listing:

The Deepwaters Listing Committee votes as follows: 5 = FOR, 1 = AGAINST, 1 = ABSTAIN.

1,000 total community votes via $WTR (600 = FOR, 400 = AGAINST, 0 = ABSTAIN).

The final vote PASSES, as the total is greater than or equal to 9.

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