$WTR is the system-wide governance / utility token for the Deepwaters protocol. It is designed to serve it's users, holders, and the protocol as a whole. Key utilities to holding the token include:
  • Governance and direction of future development
  • Paying for Deepwaters services
  • Membership benefits for users of Deepwaters services
  • Control of $WTRTreasury and protocol profitability
  • Control of composition of Exposure Tokens
  • Supported collateral type in Vault (lending/borrowing)


Distribution based upon a proposed future snapshot at 48 months from genesis.

Full Distribution

Community Distribution


  • DAO Treasury - Controlled by DAO and to be used for future fundraising, token sales, and/or community incentive programs
  • Contributors - Allocated for the Deepwaters team. Will be partially allocated to community programs (ambassadors, etc.) 2yr vest, 6mo cliff, quarterly distributions*
  • Investors - Investors in the project. Unused tokens will be burned or distributed to community. 2yr vest, 6mo cliff, quarterly distributions*
  • Advisors - Allocated for rewarding advisors to Deepwaters, but can be allocated to further community programs (farming, LP, etc.). Vesting varies.
  • Future Investors - Maximum allocated to future investors in the project 2yr vest, 6mo cliff, quarterly distributions
  • Public Sale - Allocated for public accredited offering
  • Liquidity Incentives - Includes farming incentives and liquidity pool provisions
*We have used a 2 year vesting period with a 6-month cliff and linear quarterly distributions as the standard vesting term. This vesting period starts from network launch.


Circulating supply of $WTR at Genesis will be 90,576,000, with an additional 108,691,200 $WTR locked in the DAO Treasury. Supply will be capped at 888,000,000 which will be reached after 12 years.
A 5-year distribution is shown below. In the event that token issuance is no longer sufficient to compensate validators, the Deepwaters platform will use tokens given to it as payment of fees, or purchase $WTR on the open market.
Token issuance over first 5 years.